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Ceramics are an ideal alternative to traditional wax since they offer much more protection. With vehicle ceramic protective coatings, your car’s paint will be protected for 12 to 24 months. This long-lasting durability means that the ceramic coating is a solid investment for the longevity of your vehicle’s exterior paint. Voted #1 in Dallas Texas in 2019 trust EcoPal Mobile Detail to provide reliable services that bring out the best in your car, truck, van, or SUV. Call us today to book a mobile detail or Ceramic Coating that is guaranteed to shine over the rest or your money back.

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Why should you purchase a ceramic coating by ecopal mobile detail
Pro Ceramic Coating Dallas Texas

​Ceramic coatings like Nano-Coating or CQuartz is a polymer that is liquid and is applied by the hand to every inch of a car’s exterior. It provides superior vehicle paint protection from all environmental hazards, and it will make it easier to wash since the ceramic coating bonds chemically with the car’s original factory clear coat and paint. EcoPal Mobile Detail ceramic coating package is an excellent wax alternative that does not need to be re-applied every few months. Call us today to book your Ceramic Coating Install. 940-465-8941

Ecopal Mobile Detail performing ceramic coating on new Vette
Ceramic Coating protection last ten times longer than traditional wax

Products Used

* Adam's Polishes

​* Meguiar's Detailing Waxes

* Chemical Guys Car Wash & Wax

* Eco Smart Cleaners

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